Lean6sigma method system is based on two famous methods, Lean and Sixsigma. Lean6sigma method has over 300 tools and more will be developed in the future. The frequently used tools outlined in the Lean6sigma house are as follows:

1. 5S

2. Continuous flow

3. Data collection and presentation

4. Problem solving

5. Quick changeovers

6. Standardization of work

7. Statistics process control

8. Takt time and demand analysis plots

9. Teamwork

10. Visual Control...

With this toolkit, it is possible to destroy the hardest stone and steel in terms of costs, long-standing problems formed within the enterprise itself. Depending on the internals, strategy and corporate culture, the application of this toolkit is appropriate. COYOSU consulting team understands the frustrations of business administrators on the way to find effective methods and tools that are suitable for their own business. To meet this demand, COYOSU company has created a systematic model of management methods according to Lean6sigma and has been successfully applied in many businesses.


Applying scientific management methods and continuous improvement is always a global trend. Lean6sigma project implementation through 5 main phases: Problem Identification, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Monitor. Lean6sigma method is a toolkit that combines the benefits of both Lean and 6sigma methods to provide the most optimal method, to make Customers more satisfied and improve competitiveness for the business itself.

This Lean6sigma methodology has been successfully applied by the COYOSU consulting team in many businesses. We advise based on the internal capacity of the business, and the goals connected with the business strategy, applying appropriate methods to bring the best results. We guide and guide the business coordination team to achieve the results we have committed to, and we also outline a plan for the next 5 years for the business coordination team when the project ends.

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