BALANCE SCOPE - BSC tells us the overall picture consists of 4 factors that are considered as measures of business performance, they are arranged in a certain order and influence each other.

1. Finance: Financial measures include factors such as: Cost management, profit earned, return on investment, revenue growth... Confirming these metrics is not an easy task, it is a set of results. harmonized to achieve the common goals of the business.

2. Customers: Customer satisfaction is one of the indicators to measure the success of the business, the customer's feedback on the perceived products and services...

3. Internal: Internal processes of the business such as: improving performance operate, improve the quality of products and services...

4. Development: Learning and development is vital for businesses such as: Improving the quality of human resources, optimizing technology - applying advanced science in management...


KPI/KVI is very important in running the company, it tells us how healthy our business is: healthy, growing, healthy, normal, dying (bankrupt). However, the application of KPI/KVI is not easy, many businesses apply this indicator very mechanically and stereotypically, leading to the fact that instead of businesses developing, they move backward and lose control..

In order to successfully apply KPI/KVI to bring efficiency every day, businesses need scientific operating methods (a set of scientific management tools to help businesses break the iceberg to move forward). ), qualified human resources and good system administration. COYOSU's KPI/KVI/BSC implementation method is always based on the internal reality of the business and upgrades the system according to the customer's business development strategy.

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